Rapper-songwriter Gorillamindz IC, creates Hip-Hop of an East coast impact with a Florida groove. Formed by life and street experiences, the intelligence shown in delivery highlights his passion and love for the craft. 

BACKGROUND Born to a mother and military father in Virginia, Gorillamindz IC grew up loved but under high standards based on loyalty and respect. At the age of thirteen the loss of his father fueled an emotional disconnect that pulled him to the streets. It was then that he became heavily influenced by music. 

INFLUENCES Hip Hop gives him an outlet to speak on his joy and pain. 

Gorillamindz IC, has often been placed in categories in comparison to rappers such as Nas, Jadkiss, Xzibit, Rakim, DMX, and a few others. His biggest influences are DMX, Naughty by Nature, Rakim, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Outkast, Trick Daddy, T.I. and the legendary blues man, Guy Davis. 

DISCOGRAPHY Beginning his career 25 years ago with two underground albums; the first, self-titled work “IC” and second titled “The Weight,” gave him purpose and showed he had the ability to convey sight and experience into storytelling. “The Weight," clustered with punchlines and deliveries of day in the life material, allowed him to face his demons and learn to live with regret.

I burns it down in this b***h, peep how I overload your whole s**t. Dog, you thinking you better than me well my n***a come fronting and see what you get. ” - GorillaMindz IC

Go Getter